At NXT Level, we know how hard it is to eat well in our society.  We believe in the importance of nutrition in maintaining health.  Our committed team of nutrition consultants work with a wide range of athletes, coaches and families to provide insight, guidance and concrete recommendations for diminishing your reliance on fast and convenient foods while simultaneously suggesting options that are affordable, relatively quick and easy to prepare, and tasty. 

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Nutrition and Fitness Consultants at NXT Level

Fit Families Program

NXT Levels' Fit Families Program is designed for the family unit to make healthy lifestyle changes through goal-setting, healthy eating, and physical activity.  Our certified fitness and nutrition professionals provide health coaching, personal training and nutritional planning for anyone who wants to harness the power of food, increase performance and achieve optimal health.  

Fit Families Program provides participants the following benefits:

  • Health coaching
  • Personal training
  • Healthy recipes, goals and personalized meal plans
  • Delicious shake and bar recipes for critical on-the-go nutrition
  • Restaurant special offers
  • Invitations to fitness and nutrition sessions

Additional fees for services below:

  • General nutritional counseling, $40/week or $150/month 
  • Grocery store counseling, personal grocery shopping, & grocery store tours, $100 per trip
  • Personal chef in-home cooking classes, $70/hour per person (up to 4 people)
  • Personal chef services, $400/week 4 Meals/4 People
  • Detox plan, $30 

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity for your family by signing up today.  

Cost: $65/month per family (one hour session a week)        

Tenets of the NXT Level nutritional philosophy:

  • 8-12 glasses of water every day
  • 8 hours of sleep every night with a consistent bedtime even on weekends
  • Eating at home as much as possible
  • High-protein breakfast (ex: eggs and bacon, yogurt or cottage cheese, peanut butter & apple)
  • Plenty of good fats throughout the day (ex: nuts, full-fat dairy, coconut oil, avocado, salmon)
  • A whole foods lunch that includes at least one fruit serving
  • Frequent snacks throughout the day to accommodate a high school athlete’s busy schedule of school, multiple trainings throughout the day, & homework
  • High quality protein source at dinner (chicken, beef, pork, fish) with a complex carbohydrate (beans, brown rice, quinoa) & plenty of vegetables
  • Bedtime snacks should be purposeful (whole grain cereal with milk, fruit and nuts, peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread)

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For more info on nutritional support services, please contact:

Francesca Cooper  |  Nutrition Consultant  |

Tim Wahlquist  |  Personal Trainer & Professional Chef  |

We are happy to answer any questions, provide additional information, & set up a personal counseling session!