The ME-P (Manipulative Exercise Performance) system is our new way of helping you reach specific optimal goals.  We assess your movement patterns, skill levels, and strengths and weakness, and combine those variables with the biomechanical functions of your desired goals.  Once we have a thorough evaluation we use baseline testing to prove our methods.  Each sport has specific demands placed on the body, as well as unique movement patterns that athlete’s must master in order to reach their highest levels.  Unfortunately, mastering those unique movement patterns is not always easy.  We consider those patterns to be specific functions, and since each person’s body responds to these functions differently, we were forced to analyze the response for each person, then, incorporate manipulative exercises to connect with that response.  The responses can vary greatly from person to person, which is why each person needs their own individualized approach.  One person can struggle with athrokinematics, while another person struggles with skills.  Some people may struggle with strength, and another, endurance.  Despite the response, we can manipulate adversary restrictions with specific exercises that will allow the body for more optimal response to the specific demanded movement patterns.  Never is an athlete completely flawless, which is why our ME-P continuum is the perfect fit for any person.

We have combine an approach used in the educational philosophies of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with years of research and analyzation of various sports, that require various movement patterns.  Some movement patterns must be executed repeatedly, while some sporadically.  The more repeated the movement pattern the higher the skill level needs to be, in order to avoid overuse injury.  The lesser demanding patterns per sport require less practice time, but must remain high level skill because of the increased risk for injury due to less practice on the movement.  Never the less, any movement that could potentially be used in a sport should be practiced on at some point using proper biomechanics to manipulate optimal performance of the particular movement, which can lead to success. 

We realized after working with thousands of high level athletes, that the knowledge of sports medicine, and mechanics for exercise was not enough.  We had to figure out a way to further progress those we’ve already extensively progressed.  Within the function of the sport we found our answers, because the speed, agility, and power, applied force concepts that we previously stressed became more relatable for various athletes of various sports.  While on our continuum, athletes had increased workout intensity levels and better translations of training routines to game time performances.  We were successfully able to manipulate them with the ME-P system. 

The ME-P system is paving the way for new innovative and progressive training for our clients.  Our equipment is key to the ME-P system because we’re able to get full range movement in every plane, with every function.  Now, not only is our programming creating measurable results that are safe, efficient, and translatable, but in addition those same measurable areas have been manipulated to get optimal functional performance in all of our clients individually.  Each trainer at the Institute will be trained to execute the ME-P system in a variety of ways to meet all of your needs. 

Thank You,
Edmund Jones